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Table of Contents

In this blog, I will mostly discuss the following subjects, about which I will try to post regularly my research, thoughts, and discoveries.

  • Privacy
  • Darknet research (mostly dark markets and other illicit activities)
  • Cyber Security
  • System Administration
  • Crypto-Currencies (mostly laundering and anonymity features)
  • Programming

Disclaimer #

While this blog is discussing various dark markets or places/services conducting illegal operations, the targets of the articles are researchers and people curious to learn more about this. I am not encouraging you to use any of these services, nor am I endorsing any of them. You should abide by the laws of the countries you are living in. Please do not email me to ask for darknet market recommendations and such.

Contact #

I am reachable through Twitter ( @ixonae), Mastodon (, or by email: contact at ixonae[.]com or ixonae at protonmail[.]com

You can find my PGP key here (Fingerprint B2A6 CF48 EA83 1A4A 2F42 80EA BB9E 36B7 F950 C3B3)